About Us

DrinkLaughChug was founded to be the go-to resource for your entertainment needs. Our diagrams and printable guides are there to help you maximize your enjoyment with friends and family.

  1. The Founders

    William Lee is an avid King's Cup player and is known for his whacky rule enhancements via the Jack cards. He has perfected beer pong shot visualization through many long hours at the basketball gym, where his wrist strength has been honed. Think of it as weight training, and the basketball is a giant medicine beer pong ball. He is the website programmer of this site.

    Joyce Chen is a board game dominatrix. She will take control of and manipulate your emotions to achieve desired results in a game, and these results are not always about winning the game. Your embarassment is greatly appreciated. She is responsible for the carefully crafted stick figure art that you see all over the site.


This site would not have been possible without additional support from these programmers are artists around the world that have allowed us to use their libraries and artwork.