Card Game: 2+ players
The Game
This game is best as a quick-paced stomp through a deck of cards. We recommend it as a pregame because drinks are spread out by luck to all participants. As with all drinking games, the drinking quantity should be determined prior to the start of the game.
Playing Cards
How to Play
Shuffle cards. Players sit in a circle. Deal each player one card face up. Player with lowest card starts as dealer. Aces low, CDHS order (Clubs lowest, followed by Diamonds, Hearts, Spades). Shuffle the cards again.
The next player, clockwise from the dealer, guesses what the card on top of the deck is. If the player is correct, the dealer drinks. If the player is wrong, the dealer tells the player whether the card is higher or lower than the player's guess.
The player guesses again. If their guess is correct, then the dealer drinks half a drink and the card is shown face up/discarded. If their guess is wrong, the dealer shows the card face up and discards the card. The player drinks the difference between the number they guessed and the actual value of the card (e.g. Card shown is a 3, player's guess is 7. Player then drinks 4 drinks).
The game then rotates to the next player, clockwise and Steps 2+3 are repeated. If 3 players in a row fail to correctly guess the card, then the player to the left of the dealer becomes the dealer. Game is played until the deck is exhausted.
Card Assignments
Jack 11
Queen 12
King 13
Ace 14
Optional Rules
Bottom Card In the beginning of the game, after the deck is shuffled but before any guesses have been made, the first dealer shows the bottom of the deck to all players. This ensures that the last dealer, on the last card, will have to drink. Better luck next time!