Card Game: 2+ players
Alternate names: Kings, Circle of Death
The Game
King's Cup is a fantastic card game with many rule variations that are all fun to play! The combination of reflexes (driving/heaven), teamwork (mate), creativity (rule card), and yuks (King's cup, potentially) gives players a different, unique experience on every playthrough. Some variations do not include the cup.
Playing Cards, Cup/container for King's Cup
How to Play
Shuffle cards and lay out in circular pattern around King's Cup container.
Players take turn drawing cards in clockwise direction. As each card is turned face up, the corresponding rule to the card (chart below) is applied. After this rule sequence is completed, the next player draws a card.
The game continues until all 4 kings have been turned face up. The player who draws the fourth and final king must consume the contents of the King's Cup.
Card Assignments
Ace Everybody drinks Game Rule Image
2 'F' you: Pick someone to drink Game Rule Image
3 'F' me: Drink! Game Rule Image
4 Whores: All girls must drink Game Rule Image
5 Drive: Play the driving game. The person who drew the card starts by choosing a direction (clockwise/counterclockwise) and saying, 'Vroom!' The next player then must decide whether to go in the same direction or reverse. To go in the same direction, they must say 'Vroom!' To go in reverse, 'Erh!', as in a braking sound. The game ends when a player messes up by saying the wrong sound associated with the direction of travel. Game Rule Image
6 Dicks: All boys drink. Game Rule Image
7 Heaven: The player who picks up the card can choose when to raise their arms to the sky. Then the other players must follow suit. The last player to raise their arms must drink. If a player raises their arms prematurely, they must drink. Game Rule Image
8 Mate: Choose a player to mate with. At any point during the game, if you or your mate drinks, you must drink. This includes when either player chooses to drink voluntarily. Game Rule Image
9 Rhyme: Start by saying a word. Then in clockwise order, each subsequent player must say a word that rhymes, or drink. Game Rule Image
10 Category: Pick a category. In clockwise order, each player must name something in that category. The game continues until a player is unable to or names something that doesn't qualify. That player drinks. Game Rule Image
J Rule: Make a rule. This rule is in effect for the rest of the game (unless canceled by another rule) Game Rule Image
Q Questions: Ask another player a question. They must then ask a different player a question. First player to fail drinks. Game Rule Image
K (1-3) For the first 3 Kings picked up, that player may add a drink of the choice, in whatever quantity, to the Kings Cup. Game Rule Image
K (4) When the fourth and final King is picked up, that player must consume the contents of the Kings Cup and the game ends. Game Rule Image
Additional Options
Breaking the Circle The first player to break the circle by creating a gap in the circle pattern when drawing a card must drink.
Thumbmaster Replaces Heaven rule. Thumbmaster gives you the option of placing your thumb on the edge of the table at any time. Once you do, other players must follow. Last person to do so drinks!
Waterfall Replaces Ace Rule. Everyone chugs. Players cannot stop until the person to their right stops drinking. The person who picks up the card may stop at any time.
Slap Replaces Drive Rule. Last person to slap the table drinks.
Snake Eyes Replaces 'F' U Rule. Only one person can be Snake Eyes at a time. Any time someone makes eye contact with you, they must drink.
Moosemaster Replaces Heaven. Anytime someone picks up this card, everyone must make moose ears. Last one to do so drinks.