Video Game: 2+ players
Alternate names: Kario Mart
The Game
This game combines the joy of your favorite racing video game with the enhancement of drinking pleasure. Due to the game rules, players can develop their own strategies and play to their strengths/weaknesses to win the game!
Racing video game (Mario Kart, Wipeout, Need For Speed, etc), video game system, controllers
How to Play
Before starting to play, each player needs to acquire a drink (beer, mixed drink, etc). Handicaps can be assigned at this stage for better drinkers/tanks.
The object of the game is to win the race, but players may not cross the finish line until they have finished their drink. Players who do cross the finish line before completing their drink are penalized an additional drink. Additionally, players must put down and may not touch their controllers while in the process of consuming their drink. Start the game, and enjoy.
(Optional) As an extra incentive for winning, special incentives can be applied for winning/losing. See the Special Incentives section below.
Special Incentives
Winner Winner gets to drunk text one person from the loser's phone, the loser being the player who finished last.