Coin Game: 2+ players
Alternate names: Land Mines
The Game
Landmines is an intense game that favors skill over luck. You take responsibility for your own fate because it is ultimately your hand that determines your outcome. Best played in small groups of 4-6 people.
Two shot glasses, a quarter
How to Play
Start by picking a player to go first. Players should go in clockwise order.
At the beginning of each player's turn, he/she fills up the shot glasses with their beer. Next, the player spins the quarter on a flat surface (best played with a table). While the coin is spinning, the player must consume both shots of beer and pick up the spinning quarter with the same hand. If the quarter stops spinning, or they knock over one of the shots, then they must start over and try again. If successful, the next player may begin their turn.
Beer Can Rule: As the game goes along, players will collect empty beer cans from the drinks they have consumed. During another player's turn, these empty beer cans can be used to smash the spinning quarter and stop its spin, thereby forcing the player whose turn it is to start over. These beer cans (landmines) then stay there for the duration of the game.
Optional Rules
Buyout After failing to pick up the coin, a player may opt to instead chug a full beer to complete their turn.