Board Game: 2+ players
Alternate names: Drink & Dare Block Tower, Giant Tumbling Tower Drinking Game
The Game
Jenga is a great board game for adding drinking rules to. We've listed some of the most popular rules here, for more, please click on the 'More Rules' link.
Jenga set, Paper cut up into strips (or marker), tape, large bowl (or cup)
How to Play
Start by coming up with the rules you want to play with. Then write these rules onto strips of paper and tape them onto the Jenga blocks. Alternatively, if you are willing to write on the blocks, use a marker to write rules on the side of the blocks.
Set up the Jenga game, playing by standard rules with the modification that each player, as they pick up their block, must play by the special rule taped to their block. When a player knocks down the Jenga tower, they must consume whatever is in the main game cup.
Sample Rules
Drink X Take X amount of drinks, where X is any number.
Make Rule Make a rule
Add X Add X drinks to the container
Beer List Name every beer you can in 30 seconds. For each beer named, give 1 drink to someone.
Disney Movies Name every Disney movie you can in 30 seconds. For each movie named, give 1 drink to someone. If you named more than 10 movies, take 5 drinks.
Home Run Get up and walk around the table. Take one drink for every person you pass.
Off Hand For the rest of the game (or until you get another Off Hand piece), you must use your other hand (the one you didn't pick up this piece with).
Pop Quiz Ask the player to your left to pick a category. Then, ask the player to your right a question from that category. If they are able to answer the question, take a drink. If they are not, they take a drink.
Name Genie Make up new names for everybody playing the game. For the rest of the game, players must call each other by their new names. If a mistake is made, they must take 1 drink.
Rainbow Warrior Pick a color. Each player must take 1 drink for each article of clothing they are wearing that contains that color.