Battle Game: 2+ players
Alternate names: The Wisest Wizard
The Game
This challenging game requires beer staff mastery and combat skills honed from well-spent youth days. Longest staff wins! We personally like the combat rule option to add an additional element of skill to the game.
Canned Drinks, Tape (Duct Tape, Painters Tape work best)
How to Play
The game starts with each player grabbing a canned drink and consuming it. All players are now at Level 1. During this drinking phase, determine whether you are going to play with additional rules such as 'Boss Battles', 'You Shall Not Pass', or 'White Wizard'.
After each drink is consumed, players then attach additional drinks to their 'drink staffs' with tape. Players are equal to the level of the number of consumed drinks they have on their staff. If any drinks fall off as the tape loosens, players may not reattach these drinks to their staff. The length of the staff is important if optional rules such as 'Wisest Wizard' are in place.
The player with the longest staff at the end of the game (usually when everybody gives up or when a set number of levels is reached) wins the game.
Additional Options
Boss Battles Boss battles are shots (or other difficult penalties) that occur for every X number of levels achieved. Usually, this is every 3 or 5 levels. You can name the bosses after the drinks you are consuming, such as Boss Midori.
Wisest Wizard The Wisest Wizard is the player with the most number of consumed drinks on their staff. If more than one player has the highest number of consumed drinks, the first player to reach this number is the Wisest Wizard. Determine pregame which level the Wisest Wizard rule starts to apply. For each level obtained starting from this level, the Wisest Wizard gets to make a rule that all other players must follow.
You Shall Not Pass This rule introduces combat to the game. For this rule, the tape used to attach cans to one another cannot overlap and must be a predetermined length. Also, drinks are fully consumed before being attached to staffs. At any point in the game, if a player walks in front of another player, that player may issue the challenge, 'You shall not pass'. At this point, the two players duel their staffs by swinging them at each other until cans fall off of one player's staff. Usually, the rule is players may not intentionally make contact with another player''s staff with an object other than their own staff (e.g. they cannot use their hand or shoulder). An optional punishment rule here is that the losing player must drink as many new cans of beer to replenish their staff as necessary. Fallen cans may not be reattached.
White Wizard This rule is a combination of You Shall Not Pass and Wisest Wizard. The first person to reach Level 10 becomes the White Wizard. After that, for each level they achieve, they can make a rule that all players must follow. Other players may challenge the White Wizard when they reach any level mark that is a multiple of 10 (e.g. Level 10, 20, 30, etc). The battle is conducted by swinging wizard staffs until one breaks. If the player whose staff breaks is the White Wizard, they lose their title to the challenger.