Ball Game: 2+ players
The Game
This variation on Beer Pong brings America's favorite pastime to your plastic cup covered table.
Plastic Cups, Long Table, 2 Ping Pong Balls
How to Play
Set up the game by splitting into two teams and placing four cups on each side of the table, lined up parallel to the long side of the table. Fill each of the four cups up with varying amounts of drink, with the cup closest to the batter of the opposing team having the least amount. Select a Team Captain for each team to play rock scissors paper. The winning team selects who goes first.
There are 9 innings to the game, and 3 outs per side per inning. Each missed shot is counted as an out. The cups, in order of their distance from the offensive player, closest first, are single, double, triple, home run. When the offensive player makes a shot, the defense must drink every cup equal to and lower than the made cup and then refill the cups. E.g. If the offensive player makes a triple, the defensive team must drink the triple, double, and single cups. As in baseball, keep track of the baserunners and a team scores when a baserunner makes it all the way around.
Optional Rules
Base Stealing Place 3 cups on each side at the middle of the table. Each team fills up their cups (on their left hand side). The closest cup on their left gets the least amount of drink the the furthest cup gets the most. Then, each team gets a designated catcher's cup, filled to the level of the lowest cup on the opposing team's side. At any point during a team's at bat, if they have a runner on base, they can attempt to steal a base by running to the middle of the table and drinking the cup corresponding to which base they are on. If they are on first base attempting to steal second, then they would drink the closest cup. For the defense, when the offensive player touches the cup, any defensive player may then become the catcher and have a flip cup battle with the base stealer. For this battle, the goal for each player is to consume their cup, then place their empty cup face down on the edge of the table, and then flip the cup so that it lands open-side up on the table with one hand before the other player completes the same. If the defensive player wins, then the base runner is considered out. If the offensive player wins then they move up a base.
Streaking In this desperation move, a defensive player may distract the offense by taking his/her top/bottom off and running in a circle around the game table. The offensive player up to bat must make a shot/get a hit before the streaker makes a full circle around the table (they get as many shots as they can attempt). If the offensive player is successful, the defensive team is punished a full drink each and they lose their next turn. If the defensive player is successful, the offense is considered distracted and their half of the inning is over.