Team Game: 2+ players
The Game
This team based game features plenty of action and puts your nerves to the test. Your success/failure affects your entire team so hope for the best and you may be the victor.
Plastic Cups, Long Table
How to Play
Split up the participants into teams. Two teams is most common but it's up to you if you want to play with more teams. Handicaps can be set by giving a team more players.
Fill up the cups with preset amount of alcohol. Line up cups on table and have players stand in front of their cups.
Begin the game. The first player on each team consumes their entire beverage and then places the cup, open side up, on the edge of the table, and attempts to flip the cup over, open side down, on the table, by flicking the bottom of the cup with their fingers on one hand. Additional attempts to manipulate the cup, such as using two fingers, blowing air, or shaking the table, are not allowed.
When a player successfully consumes their beverage and flips their cup over, their next teammate may proceed. The first team to flip all of their cups wins.
Additional Options
Less Mess This game option involves using a separate container for drinking to reduce the mess made when the cup is flipped over and there are a few drops of liquid left in the cup.