Card Game: 2+ players
Alternate names: Racehorses, Horse Race
The Game
This fast-paced, simple game is great for large parties or when players are having trouble remembering rules. Players simply choose their 'horse', and the announcer manages the race!
Playing Cards
How to Play
Search through the deck for the aces and remove them. Shuffle the deck. Place 7 cards facedown horizontally to represent the race track. Burn the next 5 cards (place them on the side). Place the four aces vertically underneath the starting card on the race track (closest card to the dealer).
Game Rule Image
Starting from the dealer and going clockwise, everyone bets a number of drinks on the ace of their choice. Record these bets on a sheet of paper.
Game Rule Image
The dealer then begins to announce the race, drawing one card at a time and advancing the ace that matches the suit of the card. This continues until one ace reaches the finish line.
Game Rule Image
At the end of the game, total up the bets made on all of the losing aces. Losing players must divvy up the drinking responsibilities and consume this many drinks.
Game Rule Image
Optional Rules
Faltering Each time a new link on the race track is reached (e.g. the race track card is face down), the announcer flips over that link card. The ace whose suit matches the suit on this card must move back one space.
Stumbling Select wild cards for this rule (e.g. insert Joker cards or select one-eyed jacks, etc.). Everytime one of these cards is flipped over, all aces except the leader move forward one space.