1. Did you just pickup a Jack while playing King's Cup? Are you stressed out because you now have the power to influence how much fun everyone has? Do you want to come up with a rule that is a little more well thought-out than "Everyone drinks twice as much per drink"? If you find yourself in this situation, we're here to help you. Here are some of our favorite rules.

  2. 1. Add a funny phrase to the end of every sentence

    This rule forces every player to say this phrase everytime they speak. It's especially hilarious when someone known to be more conservative is forced to say something out of character. Examples include "Because my penis is small" and "Because I'm horny!" Imagine a friend telling everybody they need to go to the bathroom because they're horny!

  3. 2. Everyone has to stare at someone else's (body part) when drinking.

    If you're especially bold, modify this rule a little and make everybody stare at your crotch when they drink. There's really nothing wrong with staring... It's just a bit... uncomfortable, no? That's the point. Plus now can stare without being a total creep.

  4. 3. Instead of speaking, everyone can only make (insert noise) sounds.

    Please insert an opt-out clause here like "This rule is canceled if someone pounds a beer." The novelty of this rule is that people are going to have trouble understanding each other if they can only meow at one another! Erotic sounds also work great.

  5. 4. Stack the cards

    For this rule, all players have to stack the cards they pick up on top of their heads for the rest of the game. Should any cards fall, they have to drink X drinks, where X is how many cards fell off their head. If the game turns into a ticklefest... not our fault.