1. Making rule changes to your favorite drinking game is a great way to keep the game fresh on every playthrough. Here are some keys to keep in mind to create a great experience for everyone.

  2. 1. Check your ego at the door

    Unless there are special circumstances (such as someone is getting married or got promoted at their job), it's time to check egos at the door in favor of a better group experience. Playing Drinking Jenga with special block rules such as "Everybody but Michelle drinks", or "Make a toast to Tim because Tim is awesome" are iffy at best and are particularly bad if there are unfamiliar people playing in the group.

  3. 2. Sex is great, but...

    One rule to hosting a drinking game party, or any party in general, is to understand the personalities of people you are playing with. Just because there is another participant in the game that you are attracted to does not mean that your rules need to be sexual. Unless everyone has preconceptions that your party is to turn into an orgy by the end of the night, not everyone appreciates rules such as "rub the crotch of the person next to you" or "lick someone else's ear". If you must, some tamer rules could be passing a card between each other from mouth to mouth or passing a piece of candy around.

  4. 3. K.I.S.S. (Keep it Simple, Stupid!)

    If you've ever made a rule during King's Cup or Jenga that others complained was too difficult to remember, this is what we're talking about. Having conditions or extensions to a rule is almost always going to lead to a bad time. Rules such as "Drink one shot, unless Jim just drank a shot, then drink two, but not if the person to your left just drank a shot..." are disasters when people are inebriated. Come on, K.I.S.S.!