1. You and your inner circle of friends probably already have an established drinking game routine. A favorite game, house rules, personalized play styles, and strategies. But what do you do when someone new comes along? What if you're at a party and everyone is unfamiliar? Let's face it, you're going to need an icebreaker. And not all drinking games are created equal in this respect. Some simply tend to play better with new people. Here are out favorite 3 icebreakers.

  2. 1. King's Cup

    King's cup is a very versatile game and works great for both smaller and larger groups. It's at the top of our list because it's a friendly, non-competitive romp through a drinking candyland. Everyone is in it together not to get the final King. You also get a deep psychological profile (maybe) it's other people's thought processes because the game encourages creativity. And this isn't just limited to the Make-a-Rule play, it's present in most modes of the game. Interested in flirting with the cute girl across from you? What better way to encourage kinship and mutual trust than to Mate with her and suffer together? It's also great to play with people of various tolerance levels because players are ultimately responsible for how much they drink and players with lower tolerance can choose to take smaller drinks while players in it to get smashed can take larger gulps.

  3. 2. Beer Pong

    This game is great for parties of all types, both for participants and spectators. Ultimately, it is limited by the number of players that can be active in the game at any time, but nothing is more thrilling than good teamwork and a come from behind victory in the jaws of defeat. Sure, you'll bond more with your teammates, but finding creative ways to taunt the other team or distract them from their goal is icebreaking, too.

  4. 3. Flip Cup

    Think of Flip Cup as the tug of war of drinking games. For one, brief moment, all eyes are on you as your teammates cheer you on, both in the act of consuming the drink and in your graceful demonstration of how exactly one flips a cup. In the next moment, you're encouraging your next teammate, or perhaps laughing with other drunk teammates as you pop the champagne, delirious in the aftermath of another victory... Or perhaps getting ready for the next round if there is no champagne.