Dice Game: 2+ players
Alternate names: Three Man, Sevens, Elevens, and Doubles
The Game
Best played with 6 sided die (it'd be ridiculous with any other sided die), this dice game is a fast paced romp that gets increasingly more exciting the more players you have. We personally feel that the chugs go a little bit faster the more people there are.
Two six-sided die, 1 or more cups for drinking
How to Play
Begin the game with everyone taking a roll of the dice. The person with the highest total goes first. Going clockwise, each player takes a roll until someone rolls a 3 on at least one die, or a total of 3 from two dice. This player becomes the Three Man.
Once a Three Man is selected, the game continues on to the next player, with the special rules below. The Three Man must drink whenever any player rolls a total of 3, or a 3 shows up on one of their die. On the Three Man's turn, they may make a rule. If the Three Man rolls a total of 3, or one of their die shows a 3, they are no longer the Three Man and can designate another player as the Three Man.
Special Rolls
Roll 3 The Three Man Drinks unless it is their turn
Total 3 The Three Man Drinks unless it is their turn
Total 7 Player to the right of roller drinks
Total 11 Player to the left of roller drinks
Doubles Roller gets to hand out X number of drinks to other players, where X is the number showing on the die.
Additional Options
Suicide This option applies when a roller rolls doubles. Instead of handing out X number of drinks, where X is the number showing on the die, the roller consumes X drinks and then has the option of handing out twice as many drinks (e.g X times two).